Meet our Board Members

Scott Kalvinek- President

Scott Kalvinek

Scott Kalvinek has served on the board as secretary from 2006-20019 and was elected as President for the 2020-2021 term

508-769-3808 cell

Cathy Needham- Vice President

Cathy Needham

Cathy Needham 

 was elected as Vice President for the 2019-2020 term 

Tennille Limbough- Director #1



 was elected as Directort for the 2020-2021 term 

Jennifer Kalvinek- Director #2

Jennifer Kalvinek

Jennifer Kalvinek

 was elected as Director for the remainder of 2020 term 

Destiny Hardaway- Secretary

Destiny Hardaway

Destiny Hardaway

 was elected as Secretary for the 2020-2021 term 

Joel Ferry -Treasurer


Joel Ferry

 was elected as Treasurer for the 2020-2021 term 

About Us



In 1981 our association was founded here in Citrus County to help provide other foster parents moral support while caring for foster children placed into there homes. This alone was a big step in our community being so small and not as developed as other areas of our state.



Through the 90's and into the new   

Millennium our small non profit stayed strong helping each other and welcoming anyone that cared for foster kids into it's arms.



Today our organization has grown to cover not only supporting foster families but Adoptive, Kinship and non-kinship families. We feel just because it's not a foster placement the families can still need help.
Our county today has more relative and non-relative placements than ever before. Grandparents, Uncles Aunts, Cousins and even neighbors are caring for the children and even adopting them (so not every adoption is a wealthy home ,just one willing to take that child and love them).

Our Programs

School Supplies

 We know the  cost for supplies and some of theses kids most likely never had a new  backpack or the proper supplies needed for school. We strive to help  these kids to start the new year off right.  So every year at the start of school through the help of our great donors we fill backpacks for the kids (grade  appropriate ) and send them off to school prepared to learn.

Christmas for all

 Every year  we celebrate Christmas with our kids. Every child in our association  receives gifts to make a memorable holiday they will never forget. We  try to pair every child with a sponsor to get that one gift they really  want, whether it be a bike, iPod,etc.   Also local businesses around Citrus County put up Angel Trees to allow kids to have a tag on those trees asking for 1 of 3 items under $25 on that tag.

Trip of a lifetime

 Through out  the year we arrange for special trips to places like Disney, Gator Land,  Ripley's, Universal Studios ,etc. Most children in foster care  come  from families that just cant afford going on vacation, and most kids   have never left the county they are from. So we make sure the children  get to go some place so memorable it lasts a life time. We believe this also creates that bond the child needs. They realize what happened to them is none of their fault and they are loved .